How to applique

Not everything you need to know about applique, but...

This couldn't possibly be a definitive guide, but we have pulled together some of our favourite bits and pieces from the wonderful world of the internet to lay before you.

If you've never considered applique before, or have had a halfhearted dabble, you will certainly find a whole heap of goodies here. And even if you're more advanced, you will still learn something worthwhile.


How to applique: a beginners’ guide

An excellent introduction to the intriguing world of applique, courtesy of Anna Wilson from Norfolk.

As Anna says, there are many uses of the technique which basically involves sewing pieces of fabric onto something in order to decorate it. And of course, it’s a great way to personalise stuff - one things you’ve already made!

Top beginner’s tip: When planning your project, remember that simple shapes are easiest to sew.

Wool applique tips and tricks

It’s cushions time again - and as we all know, you can’t have too many of those! A lovely how-to here from the Simple Simon and Co website, written by Riley Blake.

It’s fun and it’s not fussy - which are the two most important things that you need to know.

Work on a small project and gradually move on to the larger projects is the best way to build up your confidence.

Some really useful tips, techniques and definitions of some of those turns of phrase that you may have encountered, but aren’t altogether sure what they mean.

Top tip: “For a more accurate cut you can iron freezer paper onto your wool when cutting out your applique pieces. (The freezer paper will act like a stablizer for your wool!)”.

Hand applique: how to step by step freezer paper tutorial

A key feature of this tutorial is a detailed explanation of how freezer paper (easy to get hold of) can really help with some of those more fiddly applique projects. 

It’s written by Corrie of Chitter Chatter Designs and appears on the excellent Patchwork Posse website

This is such a detailed and well illustrated piece, which will show you how to:-

• Hand applique
• Use freezer paper
• Simplify the process of needle turn applique
• Trace, fuse, cut and sew to your background fabric.
• Overlap or layer your applique elements.

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