The beginner’s guide to knitting

How to take those first steps as a new knitter...

As the song goes, “Let’s start at the very beginning, that’s a very good place to start.” We can't remember if there actually was any knitting in the Sound of Music, that's not important. What it is to get you started on what potentially could be a magnificent new obsession...

Have fun!

The beginner’s guide to knitting

An unusual port of call here for us - the Country and Town House What’s on website and an excellent introduction to the wonderful world of sewing by Abby Parkes of Luxury Yarns.

Abby is a self-confessed “yarnaholic”.

An excellent how-to featuring what you need to get going “A pair of needles, a ball of wool and YouTube”, how long it will take to learn, how easy is it - and the challenges that are certain to occur.

Look out for: the difference between knitting and crocheting and how should you choose which to take up.

How to read knitting patterns: tips and tricks

Once you’ve decided to embark on the wonderful lifetime obsession that is knitting, and assuming that you’re beginning to get the hang of it, you’ll come across your next challenge - the knitting pattern.

Which is where this excellent piece on the Knititation website comes in comes in, courtesy of Elaine Kist.  

The focus here is on:-

Understand size formatting
Understand “eEase”
Know how to choose the right materials.

Look out for: “When reading a knitting pattern, it’s important to know your yarn’s specifics. On the pattern, it will give you a recommended gauge and needle size.”

Everything you ever wanted to know about hand dyed yarns 

They explain explain techniques and terminology “and how you can expect these gorgeous artisan fibres to knit or crochet up”

on the Laughing Hens blog. Check out

Variegated like Manos Alegria
Multi -tonal or semi solid, like Manos Franca
Hand Painted, like Manos Silk Blend DK
Kettle dyed, like Manos Marina.

We love: “Kettle dyed yarns are fabulous for garments, with their gentle tonal shifts throughout the skein. These yarns aren't as flashy as some other hand dyed techniques, but that just makes them better for larger projects.”

Knitting tips and tricks - counting

An excellent tutorial here on the marvellous Craft Sessions blog from the wonderful Felicia, its creator.

An excellent combination of descriptive text and clear images, this is the perfect introduction to counting “an oft overlooked annoying point for knitters”.

Again, four clear sections here, dealing with

The introduction
Counting stitches
Counting your gauge
Counting rows.

We love: “So the trick! - the trick is to count in FIVES!! Yes fives. I swear this is life changing”.

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