Card making tips and tutorials

Card making tips - something for everyone!

Well, not perhaps everyone. But if you like making greetings, birthday or any other kind of occasion cards, then this extravaganza is for you!

We spend hours making some little beauties: but however much you learn, there are always some undiscovered nuggets somewhere that we've never seen before. And if you're just beginning to dabble, how do you get started? Well, we've assembled a wonderful collection of tips, how-tos, ideas and suggestions for you.

Have fun - and get in touch with your card ideas and tutorials - we'd love to hear from you!

10 Beginner Tips - How to Make Cards

Easing you in gently if you’re a first timer: here’s one by Fabrizio Martellucci on the interesting Felt Magnet website

The ten tips that Fabrizio provides are presented on a “dip in and out” basis - there are some ideas you’ll love and want to get to grips with right away, and some that you’ll park for another occasion.

Our favourite: “Let Other Experienced Crafters Teach You the Ropes. Host a party!”

Mix it Up with a Gate Fold Card – It Opens in the Middle!

Here’s something a little different for you - a how-to on cards that open in the middle, courtesy of Jessica Taylor on the Jessica Taylor website

Simple and straightforward - this project is made even simpler if you deploy your trusty scoring tool. 

Top tip: “Make sure your patterns line up. The easiest way to do this is to cut a strip of 4″ wide patterned paper then cut off two 2-1/2″ pieces and make sure you tape them onto your card so that the pattern lines up.”

9 Sanity-Saving Hacks for Card Making!

Even if you’re a dyed-in-the wall card maker (though wool isn’t a common feature in our card making LOL) there are always new tips and tricks to discover out there - and this wonderful example can be found on the wonderful Craftsy website in the form of an article by Michele Boyer. 

Some amazing goodies on this tutorial, with items such as “The invaluable white eraser” and “Pop it up”. There are some lovely examples in the accompanying photos as well.

We love: “Use a black marker to add a thin border around die-cut pieces”.

Card Making Tips - Making Your Cardmaking Time Enjoyable

Thanks to Flora on the Making Greeting Cards blog for this absolute torrent of short, sharp and extremely useful pointers, supplied in three sections being:- 

• Card Making Tips

• More Card Making Tips

• Card Making Tips Contributed By Cardmakers.

Top tip: “Apply a little clear nail polish to end of ribbons to stop fraying.”

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