How to turn craft skills into money

How to start a craft business or sell your designs - while minimising the risk of actually losing money while you do it.

Your passion may well be the production of all sorts of wonderful crafting delights such as turning plastic waste into works of art or exquisite jewellery design - and by now you may be very good at it, turning out a succession or minor masterpieces.

But when you get to the stage where you've made friends and family all the Christmas and birthday presents they could ever want, some just might say to you

"These are so good - you should sell them. People would just snap them up..."

Which may well be true... But how do you actually go about selling them - other than at the kids' school fete. Or even - heaven forbid - set up your own business?

Well if you have been thinking about this, we may just have some excellent pointers for you: read on...

…if you’d like to turn your creations into cash, you’ll like

How to sell at craft fairs and shows

This may be the next step for some of you - dipping your toes in the water in order to turn your passion into that all-important cash.

An ideal starting point is this piece by Rosalind Resnick on the Entrepreneur Europe website

The case studies and costing examples are American, but the concepts are sound and include a number of really useful pointers and examples.

You’ll find everything from the importance of checking out shows in advance, to working out costs vs profit and future marketing and awareness-building activities.

We love: “People like to see a craftsperson creating artwork in his booth, not just selling it. While this isn't always possible, it's a crowd-pleasing idea that works well for jewelry makers, woodworkers, quilters and other craftspeople."

…and for those experienced and productive crafters amongst you out there

Step-by-step guide on how to start a craft business

There are so many success stories around the world featuring crafters who’ve turned their passion into money as a result of setting up a business.

If you’re thinking of taking this exciting steps with your products and services, then this may well be the most useful article you’ve ever read - and it’s by Josh Hall and can be found on the Simply Business website.

Josh writes “If you have a passion for crafting, starting a craft business in the UK can be a great way to make your hobby pay – whether you’re thinking of it as a side project or as a potential full-time career.”

This detailed article takes you through the startup process and demonstrates many things that you’ll need to bear in mind from running a craft business, through how much does it cost to crafting a business plan.

We like: "…there’s great potential for expansion in this field, particularly as interest in craft products and their creators continues to grow.”

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