A collection of quilting tutorials

Quilting tutorials, hints, tips and how-tos

It's been far too long since we put together a piece on one of our favourite topics - quilting! We've often asked to cover this important topic, but of course we can't do it all in one blog article: there's so much to it!

For the first in our quilting series we've come up with a variety of photo and video tutorials looking at quilting basics, focussing on star patch and hexagon quilts and finishing with a wonderful example of the craft - the story quilt.


10 tips for designing quilts

This is a brilliant place to start and it comes courtesy of Heather's excellent Sewing Loft website.

Take the phone off the hook, settle back and relax as you enjoy your quilt making. There are some really good suggestions here for gathering your thoughts before you begin, your sources of inspiration for example (such as wallpapers and tiles), designing with graph paper and binding matters.

Look our for: "Setting. Switching the direction of a standard quilt block can change the overall look and feel of any design."

Making a star patch quilt

To help you along the way with inspiration and technique how-tos we've selected this beauty from Jenny of the MSQC, which can be found on the super Quilting Tutorials site. There are of course plenty more goodies to discover here!

This video tutorial has a particularly helpful feature - a full text transcript of the presentation, which saves no end of rewinding and faffing when you get to a tricky bit.

Top tip: "...I’m going to sew directly on the line. I’m not sewing to either side of it."

Quilting with hexagons

We're heading to Australia now - to Teresa Down Under's marvellous Sewn Up website.

There's a simple caption and background music approach to this video tutorial where the required techniques are very efficiently and clearly demonstrated, though we suspect you'll need to stop and rewind a few times as a result of it's relentless pace!

The end result by the way is stunning - a terrific design and excellent use of colour.

We like: there's even a 60 degree triangle paper ruler PDF download, just in case you don't have a 60 degree ruler. Worth getting one...

How to make a story quilt

This-is-delightful! Rita Hodge's Red Pepper Quilts blog is amazing! Sadly, Rita is tepping down after 10 years of running Red Pepper, but she's provided us with so much wonderful quilty information down the years. And this one is no exception...

It helps if you're a bit of a horder here - she's been collecting novelty fabrics for years - and quite frankly the impact of your finished quilt will be determined as much as anything by the quirkiness of the fabric that you use.

We love: "It is such a fun quilt for kids and offers endless opportunity for imaginative play and stories as well as playful learning about colors, letters, numbers and shapes."

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