Looking for sewing tutorials? Try some of these…

We’ve got a really varied, almost wacky lineup for you this time!

Whilst we can’t guarantee that you’ll love them all, we’ll be very surprised if you don’t find at least a couple of these how-tos inspiring you to reach for that sewing machine.

A combination of cute, quirky and practical - something for every sewist!

Have fun!

How to make a girls midi dress - without a pattern!

Our first port of call with today’s bundle of goodies is this interesting tutorial on the excellent It’s Always Autumn website

The model in this case is seven, though of course the principles apply pretty much whatever the age of your little treasure. The key is to use a T shirt as your pattern.

Top tip: “Be sure to add seam allowance everywhere except the center line (remember: add seam allowance anywhere there is a seam, but not at a fold).”

Why blending is important

We unearthed this little gem on the Bella Sunshine Designs website and it’s by Sheila Sisco

Sheila herself sums up the point of this top how-to, saying

“We all want the perfect fitting garment, right? Well, no matter your body type, you CAN get that! How? By blending sizes! Let us show you why blending is so important and how do do it correctly!”

And just to make sure that you can get the hang of this in a whole variety of situations, she refers to a whole stream of YouTube videos that cover blending techniques. 

How to sew a card holder

How many loyalty and store cards do we all have these days? It’s hard keeping track of them - let alone being able to magically produce the correct one on cue at precisely the right moment!

We can’t guarantee to turn you into a card magician overnight - but what we can do is point you in the direction of some lovely ideas for a card holder. So at least you can spend ages fumbling for the right one in style!

A huge “thank you” to A Spoonful of Sugar for this beauty. Excellent test and lovely photos make this tutorial a joy.

We love: “The card holders are a quick scrap buster project, and can be easily made in under an hour.”

Scrabbles the Raccoon

We couldn’t resist this one - it’s adorable! We’re off to the exquisite Fluffmonger website for this quirky, cute how-to.

You’ll need to register in order to get your paws on the pattern, but that slight inconvenience is worth it. It’s very straightforward and has the bonus of being available in two sizes.

Added bonus: there’s even an accompanying YouTube video for this project.

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