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WELCOME to the Sew and Craft: Sewing Parts Search Engine - the largest fully searchable database of sewing spares and accessories in the world!

In this department we have sewing machine parts for all types of UK sewing machines. This is a newly developed database developed for you, to save your time - everything in this area revolves around you and your machine. This will save you loads of time and will mean that you never look at pages full of parts which are not relevant to your machine.We are simplifying the process - from our experience, we know that many customers purchase parts online which are not compatible for their machine, this causes disstress, loses time and incurs extra postage costs for returned items. The key reason for this is that every manufacturer has parts with exactly the same name that only work for specified machine - we know that this sounds crazy but this is true! This is why we have made this page which helps you find parts for your machine in three simple clicks

We have launched with sewing feet for our major brands in time to come you will see this expanding to include all different types of spares - so please bookmark this page and visit us again!

Let's get going! Follow the 3 simple steps and discover hundreds of parts and accessories that are relevant to your machine - leaving you more time to sew happy.

Sewing Parts

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